Thursday, February 22, 2007

McCain Signs On to Schwarzenegger Global Warming Agenda

"Republican presidential candidate John McCain, applauding Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger for taking on the 'compelling issue of global climate challenge,' pledged Wednesday to make California's global warming fight the model for a national effort to curb greenhouse gases. Appearing with the governor at the Port of Long Beach, McCain said he will fight in the Senate - and if elected president - to adopt low carbon standards for vehicle fuels to cut pollution blamed for climate change. McCain also sharply criticized the Bush administration for only belatedly acknowledging the global warming threat and failing to come up with solutions."

Don't be surprised by his flip-flopping ways. In the last two weeks, he has publicly defended the war and the decision to send more troops, and at the same time lambasted the vice president and Donald Rumsfeld for their poor preparation and even labeled Rumsfeld as "one of the worst defense secretaries in histroy." After kissing the administrations ass, yesterday, he criticized the Bush administration for not recognizing global warming as a threat sooner. Granted, McCain has always had strong environmental values, but he also supports phony science organizations like the Discovery Institute and believes that creation and theology have a place in the classroom under the guise of intelligent design. WHERE EXACTLY DO YOU STAND SENATOR? In 2000 you claimed to be a moderate, and recently you are siding with the conservatives and the Christian right on every issue. Which side is it? SCIENCE or RELIGION Mr Senator? And furthermore, what is your stance on anything? Whatever the receiving audience would like to hear? Grow some balls, stop kissing everyone's ass. Be you, be a leader!


Tait said...

I've totally given up on that guy...he's just gonna do what he has to to wrangle in the 'evangelical' vote instead of standing firm on what he believes...but thats what happens when you run as a republican these days, you can't win the primary without Coulter and Falwell on your side

Joe Myers said...

Nice blog site, John. How's the research going?

Chris said... what's your point? He's a politician doing what politicians do best: Take the stand which suits them best at any given time. Find me a presidential candidate (from either party) who isn't doing the same!

Tait said...

I guess you don't really pay attention to McCain..this is WAY more than just:

"Take the stand which suits them best at any given time."

this is a total 180 from his previous views. He used to be a pretty stand up guy...out spoken against douche bags like falwell and many of his fellow republicans......he was about as progressive as a Republican can get without switching he is sporting an agenda even more conservative then what Bush ran on in 2000/2004.