Monday, June 26, 2006

NOAA Releases Report on Status of U.S. Marine Fisheries for 2005; Overfishing in Decline

Washington, D.C. (Jun 21, 2006 12:13 EST) NOAA has released a report on the status of U.S. marine fisheries for 2005. The government report shows both progress in rebuilding overfished species and response of fisheries managers to slow fishing rates for species that were found in 2005 to have above-target harvests. Each year, NOAA announces the state of U.S. fisheries to inform Congress and the American public of the agency's progress in restoring fish stocks to sustainable population levels. The annual report tracks both population levels and harvest rates for species caught in federal marine waters, between three and 200 miles off U.S. coasts.

In 2005, NOAA scientists determined population levels for 206 fish stocks and multi-species groupings known as complexes. Of these, 152 (74 percent) were not overfished. NOAA scientists also determined the harvest rates for 237 stocks and found that 192 (81 percent) were not subject to overfishing.

HONESTLY i think this is total bullshit... check out the link if you want... but i find it very hard to believe that real scientific studies would give these results... especially considering the fact that a large number of noaa scientists have admitted to receiving pressure to alter their findings to be more suitable for the administration, or told not to talk when findings are not to the likings of those running the show... this is more bullshit...

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