Sunday, April 02, 2006

I am a Pastafarian!

Well, I am officially a convert to the church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It's teachings make so much sense when you actually think about it. A religion that uses scientific theories to back up its claims can't be wrong. For example, this new church shows us why humans are taller now than they were hundreds of years ago ( not enough noodly appendages to hold us all down, so we stretched out... afterall, the average human height has increased as population has increased). It also shows us that global warming is a direct result of the decrease of pirates, his chosen people. Afterall, as the population of pirates has dwindled to zero, the average global temperature has steadily increased. Are these mere coincidences? The Church does not think so and neither do I. You should all buy the new gospel. Convert! This is the only real religion!!!!! The Gospel of thee Flying spaghetti Monster is upon us!!!


1 comment:

Tait said...

all Hail his greatness...the FLying Spaghetti Monster!!!!