Friday, April 21, 2006

Marine biologists claim box jellyfish breakthrough

A team of marine biologists says it has developed a sunscreen which not only protects your skin, but can also repel the deadly box jellyfish.

Marine biologist Eric Mitran says the repellent tricks the jellyfish into thinking the wearer is neither a predator nor prey, so that it doesn't release its harpoon-like stingers.

But the breakthrough has come a little late for one Queensland girl, who was rushed to hospital earlier this month after being stung while snorkelling.

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Herve Lauwerie said...


I'have just been listing your interesting Podcast.

I'm writing from France where we do not have so dangerous Jelly fishes but they cause us also by troubles.

I'm working on an electrical power plant which was out of order last night because of some jelly fishes which were coming in the filters of the sea water cooling system.

We would like to find a "miracle potion" that could keep them away.

Would it be possible to put through this message to Eric Mitran or to receive his Email adress.

thank in advance for your help,
Best Regard,
Hervé Lauwerie
DK6-Maintenance manager