Monday, February 20, 2006

Mark J Thomas

Well, on Sunday afternoon I went over to the Coconut Grove Arts Festival. It was quite impressive, there was a lot of really good fine arts, but I was most impressed by the photography. I was particularly intrigued by the wildlife photography of Mark J Thomas. He had a some very nice underwater shots but many other wildlife shots as well. You should definitely check out his site to see what I am talking about. However, what I want to talk about is the notecards he sells, designed with his philosophy in mind: "Respect the animals, their habitats, and the rights of the other people who have also come to enjoy them. Besides, simply trying to make a beautiful photograph, it is important to me that each of my photographs also tells a story. Through my photography I hope to help people become more aware of our wondrous natural world and how important it is that we preserve it."

The notecards are printed on recycled paper, and have a special coating which allows them to be recycled again more easily. These cards not only depict many endangered or threatened species, the back of the card contains accurate, interesting and informative paragraphs to increase people's awareness of nature. Also, a portion of the sales of the notecards goes toward various conservation groups that is used to help protect and preserve wildlife.

Also check out Vanderwold photography and Lightscapes. They have some other pretty cool wildlife and landscape photography.

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