Saturday, February 25, 2006

Take the Pledge to Save Our Oceans

That's right, you can take the pledge to save our oceans. By pledging you will send a letter to the Whitehouse ( I have, its already written, you just enter your info and they forward it for you, of which I received an immediate reply. I will post both below), encourage your friends and family to check out the Ocean's Alive website, and eat smarter, by choosing more eco-friendly seafoods. Its simple, it doesn't take any time and it helps spread the word. Here is the letter and the Whitehouse response:
(cc Congress)

Dear President Bush:

Once thought to be an inexhaustible resource, our oceans are in fact vulnerable. From icy seas to warm tropical waters, more than two thirds of fisheries are facing collapse, runoff and pollution from offshore drilling is polluting coastal waters, and coral reefs are dying.

The recent findings of the bipartisan U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy and the independent Pew Commission have sparked new interest in this looming oceans crisis, creating a window of opportunity for action.

No American president has yet taken a consistent stand to champion the oceans, despite their immense economic and environmental value. Now is your chance to leave an ocean legacy comparable to that of Teddy Roosevelt on land.

We need a Teddy Roosevelt of the oceans. I urge you to support measures that:

  • Use protected areas and other tools to protect fragile ocean and coastal habitats;
  • Use market-based incentives and science-based management to transform failing fisheries into sustainable ones;
  • Curb runoff that pollutes the oceans and harms wildlife;
  • Maintain the longstanding bipartisan moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling;
  • Establish adequate safeguards on ocean aquaculture sites to protect marine ecosystems;
  • Enforce conservation laws to protect ocean and coastal wildlife and essential ecosystems;
  • Double federal funding for ocean science, exploration and education over the next 5 years; and
  • Improve coordination of ocean protections programs by creating a Cabinet-level interagency National Oceans Council to conserve, protect and restore marine life.
Thank you.

and the Whitehouse response:
On behalf of President Bush, thank you for your correspondence.
We appreciate hearing your views and welcome your suggestions.
Due to the large volume of e-mail received, the White House is
unable to respond to every message, and therefore this response
is an autoreply.

Thank you again for taking the time to write.
DAMN THEM!!! Maybe we can clog their server with these enviro-messages and they will have to read some of them.


Tait said...

sent much as it matters....we can't clog their server unless a massive amount of people were sending the message at the same time...their email filters will pick stuff like this up and move it to a disposable folder...they don't care. If the letter mentions stopping offshore drilling they won't matter how valid the argument.....of course thats no excuse for us to stop trying

john said...

yeah i figure they don't read them but you wouldll think if they got enough of the same email, they might actually open one of them...