Thursday, March 23, 2006

2004-05 hurrican season is explained

ArrayUniversity of South Florida experts say 2005's record number of hurricanes might have developed because of elevated surface sea temperatures.

Robert Weisberg, a USF College of Marine Science hurricane expert, and colleague Jyotika Virmani say the storms developed because the elevated surface sea temperatures did not fall, as usually occurs, during the 2004-05 winter.

The 2004 and early 2005 hurricane seasons were connected, said Weisberg, a physical oceanographer who also serves on the Committee on New Orleans Regional Hurricane Protection Projects. The unusually warm SSTs that developed in the Atlantic Ocean in the fall of 2004 did not decrease as much as usual in winter, so SSTs were higher than normal in the spring of 2005.

Weisberg and Virmani explained their theory in a recent issue of Geophysical Research Letters.

WELL DUH!!! Seriously thanks for the insight... Why don't you tell us why instead of being Captain Obvious???

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