Monday, March 27, 2006

Fujicco Discovers that Hot-water Extract of Kelp Helps Suppress Blood Sugar Rise

Tokyo, Mar 27, 2006 (JCN) - Fujicco, one of Japan's leading processed food manufacturers, announced on March 23 that it has discovered a unique property of a hot-water extract of kelp in collaboration with the Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology.

Specifically, the two partners have found that the hot-water extract of kelp substantially suppresses the rise of blood glucose levels in glucose-tolerance tests using mice.

Further, they have elucidated that the extract inhibits the absorption of sugar from the intestines. Fujicco expects that these findings will lead to the development of novel health foods.

Details of this achievement will be presented at the Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Fisheries Science to be held in Kochi from March 29 to April 2.

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