Wednesday, March 01, 2006

New Aphrodisiac

Well, they say raw oysters are a good aphrodisiac. (I hate oysters). But now, salmon farmers in Scotland are hoping that a new aphrodisiac will catch on in their own country and abroad, sea urchins! In Japan, they are s ought after as a love food and eaten raw in the form of sushi. Farmers hope to bring this new use for sea urchins to the Aquaculture Today conference. These creatures already live along side the salmon cages and are often feeding on leftovers and cleaning algae from the sides of cages. So, extended the farm fisheries to include the urchins won't be such a stretch, as long as the food catches on. They could be sitting on a gold mine! I personally don't think I would eat them, but if they are already there in large numbers then I think this is ok. If it turns out to become some world-wide craze and urchins are being collected all over the place, then it will be a bad thing. Only time will tell...


Tait said...

yeah I'm not so sure I'm gonna be eating urchin anytime soon....I mean I guess if we were judging on appearances I wouldn't choose to eat an oyster or a clam maybe urchin is good..but I doubt it....if it tasted great you'd think they'd be on menus for as an aphrodesiac....i don't know....I mean guys don't need one...a girl takes of the clothes and we are ready to role....maybe if they prove that it does thejob for women..then guys will be buying them for dates like there is no tomorrow...won't be able to keep them on the shelves.....I'll wait for some "evidence"

Anonymous said...

Sea urchin is one of my all-time favorite kinds of sushi! (on the sushi menu it's called 'uni') It's kind of hard to find though, except in very nice sushi bars (if you don't live by the coast) It tastes AMAZING. Similar to eating raw oyster, but even more bizarre. basically, you have to be adventurous, and a lot of people don't really like it. Everyone should try it at least once though, if they get the chance.

As for using it as an aphrodisiac, I have not heard of any conclusive evidence. But Uni does contain some interesting chemicals, some of which may help testosterone production, and Uni has a very long history as an aphrodisiac in Japan.

But who cares about aphrodisiacs anyway? there is no known food or chemical which can make anyone suddenly fall in love (or lust), and only an idiot would think that they'll get lucky by feeding their date a certain kind of food.

Afrodisiac said...

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